We use only the finest natural ingredients and the simplest of brewing techniques to make our larger as pure as possible. We introduce the ingredients to each other and patiently wait over a couple of weeks while nature does the rest.


Our very own Kerry Natural Spring Water is perfect for Brewing. Local word has it that this water has many, life affirming powers. All we know is that having water of this quality on our doorstep helps us produce a unique lager that is a close to nature and is unmistakably Irish.


Crean’s is Brewed with two Malts. Lager Malt, our base Malt, light in colour with a slight sweet malty taste and Cara Malt, roasted longer than the lager Malt. This gives the Crean’s the golden colour and the slight caramelised taste. Then there is our Saflager Yeast, a German style lager yeast, all coming together to produce what can be described ….


Finest quality Hops are added to our Lager & Cara Malt, which is mashed with hot spring water and left to stand while the starches convert to sugar. The hot sweet unfermented beer is run off to the Kettle and the sugars are rinsed off. Our Hops are added and given a vigorous boil. Chilled Spring water cools the Crean’s Wort en route to the Fermenting Vessel. Yeast is added so Fermentation can take place. The Beer is given a 2 day stand then chilled and transferred to the Lagering Vessel.

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Crean's Brewery

Crean's Brewery