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As we have already mentioned, our first year in business has seen some great developments and we have big plans for the future as we aim to build a strong Irish Brand and bring it to international markets. The next phase sees the purchase of additional Fermenting Vessels and an increase in the keg population to service the additional output. Roll out of this phase will be at a faster pace than stage one as the lager is being actively sought after by publicans, hotel and restaurant owners.

In order to finance this 10% of the company has been made available to the public through the issue of “D” shares. If the coming years go anywhere near as well as the first one there should be considerable success for all to share in.

You can buy any amount of  shares you would like below and become part of the continuing growth of The Dingle Brewing Company.  We will then send you your personalised Share Certificate.


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 Each ‘D’ Share – €100

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