Online gaming is rising in popularity by leaps and bounds with each passing year. There are a number of sites available for different online games, such as for online poker and other casino games. Are you too a fan of online gaming? Well, you must be looking forward to level up in your favorite games and that calls for a boosted gaming performance. But, how do you improve your online gaming expertise? Don’t worry, the post below shares some pro insights that will enable you to enhance your gaming performance online.  

Unstable internet connection 

Playing online games on an unstable internet connection is the main reason why most of us lag behind. A wired connection is almost guaranteed to be quicker and more stable than wireless connection and even mobile data.

Close all programs connected to the internet

Internet bandwidth is a finite resource. Hence if you run multiple applications, services, or programs which require internet access simultaneously, the performance will definitely deteriorate. Thus closing all the unwanted programs connected to the internet, will provide the game with the complete bandwidth you have.

Be mindful of Latency

Latency is measured by ping times and this corresponds to the time required to send the signal to the game server and the game server to send the reply back. Anything between 1 to 60 ms ping is considered suitable for gaming. Furthermore, the ping still needs to be consistent for optimal and smooth gaming results. Different speed tests programs are available which can be used to verify your ping.

Update both system and game

It is noteworthy to keep the system’s drivers and firm wares updated. Driver and firmware updates help to repair glitches, address serious issues and also improve efficiency. Similarly it is also important to keep the games patched and modified to get rid of system bugs and enjoy boosted performance.

Reduce game’s graphic settings

While playing online, it is best to tone down the graphic settings to ensure that the system runs as smoothly as possible.

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