One of the most played games in the online casino platform is the online slot games. These games are very popular and there is no doubt that they are the best and most interesting to play at the online casino. Most of these online slot games are based on the Greek mythology. However, there is a newer and better online slot game that is powered by microgaming. This game is called Jason and the Golden Fleece and just like the many other online casino slot games it is based on the Greek mythology. However, unlike other online slot games that pursue the Greek mythology but try to portray it on a wider section of the subject, Jason and the Golden Fleece is all about a specific theme of the Greek mythology. This game is about Jason who together with his crew sail on a vessel named Argo to get the Golden Fleece. The reels of the wheel are set in the sail of the ship and ocean waivers.

Many of the conventional online slot games take symbols of the Greek mythology and leave it on the players to decipher them. Though many of the players are used to this, it is quite challenging for the players who are not familiar to the subject. Nonetheless, this is not the case with Jason and the Golden Fleece online casino game. Here microgaming has named all the characters in the symbols and thus it is very easy for the players to understand and find out more about them. Some of these conventional symbols set in this game include Medea, Chiron, Argonauts, Jason, Argo as well as Colchis. The Golden Fleece and Jason logos are the wild symbols in this game. These wild symbols award ten free spins as well as they triple the payouts. Each of the named symbols has a different roles but it is not hard to know the role of each symbol as they are written.

One unique thing about this game is the six bonus game levels that the game has. There is also the Shield Bonus that is played at the starting point lolcus. This is where the Argonauts are set off. At this point, the players pick six out of the twelve shields to earn the mystery bonuses. Mysia which is another terminology of the symbols is the land of Harpies. At this point the players have to match same elements in order to find what will be multiplied to their winnings.

There are a lot of mysteries and exciting experiences while playing this game. The game leaves the players in a lot of suspense and each time the player has discover something new. This makes the game a lot more exciting and the players would enjoy every bit of it.

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