Roulette is considered to be one of the most mysterious casino games. This is not surprising, because, in the history of this game, he invented dozens of myths and presented a hundred different assumptions about how to win the roulette and beat the casino. These assumptions are based on both mathematics and the characteristics of the wheel structure. Here is one of these new myths that we came across after talking to a few Situs Judi QQ players and we tell you about that in this article, and if you do not try to dismantle, then certainly provoke its significant insolvency.

This is the player’s most favorite subject – wheel defects. There is an opinion that revealing one of these defects is incredible happiness. The fact is that if the roulette wheel is not correct or has its own small inaccuracies it is possible to use these defects to their advantage. Is this true and what kind of defects can roulette have?

First, players try to find those tables where the roulette wheel is installed at a small or slightly recalibrated angle. Such a defect is likely to affect the random nature of the falling number, and some numbers are likely to fall more often than others. This defect is mainly visualized. In principle, it is very possible to identify and find such a fault, because some parts of the wheel often become unusable. Usually, this happens because of the poorly groomed wheel and does not perform preventive maintenance, or just because of poor quality materials (China taxis !!!). You ask, but where is the promised disunity of the myth? But: Every day before the start of the casino, the roulette mechanisms are carefully tested and tested according to several criteria. The special officer, using special tools, places the wheel at the required angle, which is usually zero. And even then you should find a model in a number of reels of players will take a long time to observe the wheel rotation and the term to analyze all of this as you know well is very difficult to do in a wheel- a real casino game, if subtle problems occur in the process. And again, before the start of the next business day, all roulette mechanisms will be checked and exposed again.

However, there is an opinion that not all rows have cells and sides of the same size. In theory, even the slightest such inaccuracy is already able to affect the randomness of the balls. Indeed, there is such a problem and not all casinos can handle it. As a rule, in large and rich gambling units, no money is spent to buy quality roulette mechanisms (including the wheel itself). Such casinos for roulette for many years, from one company or from a private master. You understand that the quality of the roulettes in these casinos is perfect and that it is almost impossible to find at least a defect that could affect the spin results. But in small casinos (especially provincial), to satisfy the wheel, if one side is larger than the other, it is no longer a problem. Constant customers of such institutions already know for sure which numbers should be played more often and which should be avoided. But not everything is so simple, because casinos have adapted to this problem and found an effective way to counter the players. For this, the dealer is only sufficient to change the direction of the ball and the throwing force. Also, some cubes use multiple balls of different sizes during the game, changing from time to time one or the other. Of course, this does not solve the problem itself but significantly complicates the “life” of the players.

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