If you’ve ever played the online version of Texas Hold ‘Em, you may have noticed that the player with the top pair is often paid off. As a result, they are more likely to “fold” (quit) when faced with a better hand. In fact, this is even true if they are holding an ace-high straight. In other words, the players with the top two cards in their hands tend to be more aggressive than those who hold lower pairs or aces. 

This tendency to fold tight, or pay off the top pair, can easily cause a player’s stack to drop by several thousand chips before he has even checked his cards. If his opponent is also paying off tight, it can mean disaster for the player whose turn it is to bet. The problem is compounded because these players rarely check their cards and make decisions based on what their opponent thinks they might “have.” 

It can be agonizing to play against a table full of tight players.

It may be very difficult to win anything significant if no one is willing to play big pots. If everybody is folding all the time, it’s also just plain boring.

However, playing too tightly is a weakness that can be abused. You can use a few tactics to get the most value from players who fold a bit too frequently or only bet when they have the strongest hand.

To avoid this trap, always try to play tight against players who have top two pair or better. It seems counterintuitive, but this strategy is actually good for your bottom line. By playing tight against them, you prevent them from folding when they do not have anything better, which improves your chances to win. 

The reason I recommend avoiding paying off tight players is not just because it increases your chances to win. Rather, I believe that this kind of play is almost immoral. In my opinion, paying off a player who holds a strong hand like top pair or better is tantamount to cheating. This sort of behavior is completely inappropriate in a game where there is no money at stake, but it happens all too frequently in trusted online casino Singapore games. 

I’m sure you’re wondering how one would know whether or not someone was playing tight. Fortunately, you don’t need to rely on your own intuition. You simply need to ask yourself some questions regarding the person who is currently betting. Here are three questions you should ask yourself: 

  1. Does he seem nervous? Nervous players tend to be very tight, so asking him about it will help you determine whether or not he is trying to protect his stack. 
  2. Are his bets large? Even if he isn’t paying off, he could still be bluffing and trying to lure you into making a bad decision. Ask yourself why he is betting so much and what his motives might be. 
  3. Is he acting unusually confident? He could be bluffing too, but if he is, he probably has an extremely strong hand. 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should consider calling his bet or raising instead. Remember, the best way to beat a tight player is to take away his motivation to fold. Don’t let him get away with being tight! 

In addition to looking out for tight players, you also need to be aware of loose players. Loose players are usually easy to spot, as they typically bet small amounts of money throughout the course of the hand. They are also eager to call your raises and reraises. They are also prone to overbetting. They’ll be willing to risk everything on a single street, only to lose most of their chips when their opponent catches a great card. 

Because of their general lack of skill, loose players can be taken advantage of quickly. If you’re able to catch them in a weak position, you stand a greater chance of winning your next few pots. Therefore, you should never play aggressively against a loose player. Instead, you should wait until you see them make a big bet. When they do, you can begin building up your pot size slowly and steadily. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a position where you can force a showdown. At that point, you’ll be able to use the information gained from observing them to your advantage. 

Playing the hand correctly requires you to understand the psychology of each player. By using your intuition to determine which type of player is in front of you, you can play accordingly. Poker is not a science, but rather an art, and you need to study the techniques of others in order to become a master. 

By following the above advice, you can become a more successful player without resorting to questionable tactics. You won’t need to cheat any longer to gain an edge in the game. And if you need to cheat, you can always use your smartphone to download an app that teaches you how to manipulate the system. All you need to do is learn what’s right and wrong, and you’ll soon be able to compete with anyone!

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