When someone thinks about internet gambling, first thing that comes in mind is whether it is legal or illegal? So before starting this discussion let me make this clear to you. There are two laws which are related to internet gambling

These two laws are directly related to internet gambling. The interstate wire act declared it illegal to use wire media for gambling purpose. But the 2nd law it focuses more on the gambling companies rather than individuals doing internet gambling. It is a kind of authority which prohibits financial companies to accept gambling money online. That’s why if you pay a close look then you will find that all the gambling companies are outside U.S.A.

So now if you are a U.S citizen then you should trust on this thing that internet gambling is prohibited here. But is this law being implemented in the right context? Well if you look around internet gambling has merely effected by this law. Internet gambling has become a million and billion dollar business. There are incentives for everyone in this business. Many people make their living through this business.

So there is no way you can eliminate this business. If you apply sanctions then people will find more and more illegal ways to do it. In many states hearing is still underway that whether internet gambling is illegal or not? So you should consult your state counselor for better understanding of things.

There are people who are interrelated to internet gambling. Online gambling companies pay heavy amount of money to advertise their sites on the internet. They pay to Google , yahoo and all the big giants of IT sector to promote their business, so there is no way these companies will demolish their constant source of revenue generation overnight.

Now we will discuss that what kind of online internet gambling is available. Mainly there are three types of internet casinos that operate across the world such as Liga168.

  • Most basic and heavily used are web-based casinos. They do not have any downloadable software to play instead you just go to their site and start playing , all you need is a high speed internet connection.
  • Then there are companies who offer their special software who log you into their casinos and you can play online with anyone who is online using the same software. Usually these kinds of companies provide nothing for free, they even charge you for downloading their software.
  • Third and most advanced type is live casinos. These are the casinos which offer you a live environment where you can even see your opponent using a webcam and also you can watch your dealer.

The one major concern when you try to gamble on internet is security of your funds. You are not very sure about the protocols that these casinos follow to deliver your funds. But risk is part of gambling. Statistics of internet gambling have shown that this business is growing very rapidly which proves that people have started trusting this business. Research has shown that internet gambling business has grown from $10 billion to $14 billion in just 6 years from 2000-2006. And this is 2010 you can think what will be the volume of cash flow up to this day in this business.

Even these days people have made, playing online gambling games, a full time job which gives them a reasonable earning every month. But as they say that excess of everything is bad so is the case with internet gambling. People who try it too much get addicted to it.

There are many side effects of internet gambling addiction. Some of them are lack of social interaction, losing interest in your job, deceit and a burden of unpaid debts over your head. When people get in internet gambling addiction then they think a way out of all these situations, but getting out of it is not an easy task. You need to concentrate and work a lot to get rid of this.

If you are really interested about stopping yourself to gamble online then the first thing you need to do is put a filter on your internet connection which should filter all the gambling sites from your connection. And you should not be able to open any of those sites.

After all this discussion I think you have a good idea that what actually internet gambling is and what are its advantages and disadvantages so make your choice today.

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