Paddy Power – one of the known online casino brand name that has already been around the market for long has definitely made its name to the online casino market. With the various sports betting, casino games and slots that they have offered, it is of no surprise when Paddy Power will soon expands and will up unto the next level. Today, the renowned online casino brand name Paddy Power launched its new online casino that will match with their existing download and instant online casinos. This upgrade only means that Paddy Power is now offering a LIVE Casino. Live Casino is very different as compared to those in downloaded and flash version casinos because, in Live Casino, players are given the chance for more social networking activities and interact with other players as well as with the dealers.

Paddy Power’s live casino will offer blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and slot machines just like what the download and flash version have. As the player sign in with the live casino site, they are able to speak with live casino dealers and do this whether they are on a low or high stake table. Players can have a live chat with an avatar style dealer as they play, but there will be no real live person to chat with.

There is a need to choose the best style for the playing at slot online games. The placing of the higher and lower both stakes is possible for the players at the site. The winning of more real cash and rewards is possible with the application of the right slot games approach. 

According to Paddy Power, live dealer adds some fun and enhances a players gaming experience as they chat with a live dealer by either seeing the real dealer of via an avatar style. The best part about playing in a live online casino is that, players will experience all of these benefits right at the comfort of their own place. There is no need for them to visit the brick and mortar casino because even the ambiance is being offered by the live online casino.

With the partnership of Evolution Gaming, Paddy Power’s live casino has been broadcasted. According to Evolution Gaming, their TV studios are all dedicated in order to help Paddy Power in becoming a live online casino wherein all of the live broadcasts are done directly on television and players can access the casino through the internet. All that the players will have to do is to sign-up for an account with Paddy Power. After signing up, players now need to choose their desired game and have a camera to start playing. When it comes to a camera, a computer-installed camera is the best thing to have.

With the presence of Paddy Power’s live online casino, their players can now see their opponents, for live casino allows players to see each other with the use of a camera. In this way, players can now have the chance to read their opponents faces, thus adds up the psychology of the game, which known to be missing in any online casinos. Now that players can see each other while playing, playing on a live online casino can now be of no difference with playing a brick and mortar casino. The part of it, players get to experience the fun and excitement of a brick and mortar casino right at the comfort of their home.

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