So maybe you have tried to play multiple tables at poker or you have heard people talking about playing poker on Judi Bola Online on multiple tables and were thinking about trying it out.Well i have tried and tested playing poker(TEXAS HOLDEM) on multiple tables and worked out the best way to play poker on multiple tables.So if you would like to save yourself lots of time and money then read on and then try in my opinion the best way to play poker on multiple tables.


So i tried various systems out and i won,t got through them all with you,the best way to play multiple tables at poker is to play 4 cash tables with 9 players on each.The reasons for this being that on cash tables the blinds stay the same and you always have 9 players on each table(well if you are playing on a popular poker site).This is important because you you want to keep a level playing field.


With sit n gos and tournaments the blinds will always go up and they will go up at different times if you are playing on 4 tables at the same time ,this is why it,s better on cash tables as the blinds stay the same and means it,s one less thing to think about when making tough decisions.With sit n gos and tournaments the number of players at the tables can go up and down and as you get to the latter stages of sit n gos and tournaments there can be times when you are down to 5 on a table with the blinds going up by the minute.So if your playing on multiple tables it becomes impossible to keep track of whats going on at each table and you will end up making bad,hurried decisions and losing.


When playing on 4 cash tables at the same time the blinds stay the same and as i said this is important as you don,t want to have to take them into consideration when you have 2 or 3 decisions to make at the same time under pressure.The amount of players stay the same on cash tables,there may be time,s when a player leaves and a new 1 misses a hand or two but in general there are 9 players on each of your 4 tables.This is important if you are playing poker on multiple tables and if you don,t believe me you can try.Also having 9 manner tables is important ,you can try the same on 6 manners but you will find that there are times when things get a little to fast for.


Playing on multiple tables of 9 players is the perfect way to play multiple poker tables.There,s only one way for you to find out so good luck and hope it works for you.

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