I can only imagine how many poker players struggle with knowing when to stop playing a poker session. It seems that players who are doing real well just want to play until their greed filled eyeballs fall out of their skulls, but this is a mistake. It doesn’t take much time before the poker gods decide to run you in the direction of bad beat central. And when that happens, your bankroll has a good chance to meet his maker since your first instinct is to continue playing so you can “get your money back”. Now, you wouldn’t have had this problem if you knew when to stop, right? Keep reading for some of my stop loss tips that’ll help you in the future.

Stop loss strategy is purely based on a very specific numeric dollar value. You’ll be setting a goal for yourself ahead of time (before the game starts). You will already know when to get off the table and take your losses once you’ve lost a specific amount.

For example:

If you head into a poker cash game with a buy-in of $600, you would set a limit on how much you’re willing to part ways with before hand. Let’s say $400 in this case. Two hours in I just lost $400 of my original $600 so now I’m going to get up and leave. While your thought at first is “man, I gotta get that money back”, you must avoid that mentality completely and focus on the limit you set for yourself before the game started.

Here’s another example for a winning session. Let’s say you buy-in with the $600 for a session and you double that up to $1,200. 5 hours later you find yourself sitting with only $800, that’s when you need to take the initiative to get up and leave while you’re up. You want to set a goal of losing a certain amount of money before the game starts, and apply it to whether you’re playing a losing session or a winning session.

The entire point of applying this strategy to your game focuses on taking complete advantage over a winning session, and knowing when to leave a losing session. Therefore, reducing your losses substantially. Be sure to set yourself a limit as to how much money you want to lose before you sit down. As always, good luck at the tables!

To conclude, if you want to have a winning streak in a game like poker, you need to have sufficient experience regarding the same and therefore, you must start out by playing situs poker online on a regular basis so that the practice can make you more confident in a real game.

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