You know that in online casinos there are the games based only on luck, and the games, where the skills are necessary to win. I can refer slot machines and roulette to the first category and, for example, baccarat to the second one. Baccarat online is really popular today, as it is relatively simple to play and offers rather low house edge. But certainly you may improve your winning chances by using baccarat strategy I am going to speak about.

However, the paradox is that the only strategy is not to use any existing strategies. Why?

  1. Some people are trying to spot the pattern of hands and then place bets accordingly. Modern online casinos even offer the board where they show several previous hands. And some of them offer paper and pen for writing down. But does it really work? In fact, it is useless, as there is no pattern at all. The cards are dealt to you in an absolutely random way, and each hand is separate from the previous and the future one. The chance to win and to lose is 50/50 each time you are playing. So “the pattern” will never help you.

The only important moment there is to stay sensible. You should realize perfectly well, that baccarat online is more game of chance, so the most important moment is a house edge. You know that every online casino has an advantage, so the lower it is the better for you. That’s why you should seek for the game with the lowest possible house edge.

  1. Some people are trying to use card counting. For some games, like blackjack, it can be really useful, especially in land-based casinos. In fact, the casinos don’t like the gamblers, who play blackjack with the help of card counting, as it significantly increases winning chances. But it is of no use for baccarat online. It happens so, as there are only three types of bets in baccarat and moreover, discarded cards are often placed back to the shoe, and the deck is shuffled after each round.

However, in this case you may pay attention to the number of decks involved. Baccarat is usually played with six-eight decks, and only some gambling sites from Microgaming allow using the single deck. You should remember that the less the number of decks the more profitable the game.

  1. Some people prefer to follow Martingale strategy, according to which you should double you bet after each loss. In fact, it also doesn’t work and is suitable mainly for those with huge bankrolls. Using this strategy, you will end up by spending the whole fortune.

A player should try to place the bet with a minimum amount in the starting. Most of the platform like K7bola does not set any minimum limit on the players. The players choose to place the bet on the amount that they think will be the best option.

  1. In fact, the most important thing in baccarat online is to choose the bets carefully. You have three betting options:
  • You can bet on a player’s hand. In this case the house edge is 1,29% without any commission
  • You can bet on a dealer’s hand. The house edge will be 1% but you should pay the commission if you win.
  • And you can bet on a tie, but in this case the house edge is 15,75%.

So it is more profitable to place bets on a banker’s hand, as it wins more often, so you will have much better chances to win. And I won’t recommend you to bet on tie, as tie happens rather seldom, usually 10% from the game.

  1. And my one more advice, which will be quite useful, is bankroll management. Only if you are able to spend money wisely and to divide them for several gaming sessions, you will be able to gain profit from baccarat online.
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