Always use the basic strategy of blackjack

If you are not using basic strategy in blackjack , you can not expect to be winning over the long term. The basic strategy of blackjack is the first tool that a player blackjack must master before approaching the blackjack tables. It reduces the casino advantage to less than 1%.

Select your casino and your table

In France, all casinos play with 6 decks of cards in the deck and the same rules, so you can choose your casino based on usability, as a good time playing.

Some mixers offer automatic or remix the cards prematurely (penetration 50%), these are matters which the conpteur card check: he will avoid this type of tables. Avoid them too, even if you do not count cards at the casino to understand that this type of blackjack has no interest.

Also make sure the casino you can double on any card, not only on the 9, 10 and 11 since March 2007, all casinos (in France) are expected to apply this rule, but some seem to have forgotten en route. If you know of any casinos that do not apply this rule to the advantage player, you can let us know on the forum on the topic and we will contact the authorities in charge and the casino. Different tips are available for the playing of the games; the selection of the best one is made. The information of the topic is required to be correct and genuine one to get the benefits. The charges for the playing of the games are less at Pkv qq when compared to other site. 

The odds will help you better understand the game

To understand the logic behind this basic strategy, check out the odds at blackjack . Similarly, the probabilities we learn the more logs in the deck, the dealer is more likely to die, the more advantage the player: it is the very principle of counting cards. Specifically, card counting is to determine the periods during which there is a high ratio of logs on the hoof. The techniques differ, but the goal remains the same: to determine when to increase their bets and when the decline.

Train on your computer, or true

Play our version of Flash blackjack to practice using the basic strategy, it is that it becomes second nature to you.

You can also distribute the cards yourself, playing the roles of both the player and the dealer, and thereby apply the basic strategy while counting cards. A good card counter is able to count a deck of 52 cards in under 25 seconds!

Never take insurance unless you count cards

It’s simple, do not take insurance in blackjack unless you are an experienced card counter. Take the insurance benefits only to the casino and only the inexperienced players will take the insurance offered to them. You will lose money, so to avoid.

Only gamble what you’re willing to lose

As the casino on the Internet, the rule is: the player must consider all the money he lost bet. Blackjack can be taken as an entertainment that has a cost, like going to the movies for example. One should never regret his loss, and above all never try to run after tripling bets or using martingales, this will lead directly to the box “bankruptcy”. The blackjack player feels neither experienced frustration in its negative sessions, nor excessive euphoria in its positive sessions.

Getting suddenly playing erratically called “Tilt”, or “crack”. For example you pour slowly over the past twenty-five minutes, and once you decide on the spur of the moment to put half of your cellar on the table to try again at once. This is obviously a huge mistake: blackjack patience is the watchword.

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