Depending on the type of roulette wheel, there will be 37 or 38 pockets. There are a few players who will try to place bets on too many pockets. They bet on all the pockets. But in the end they will not win anything. When you will do sport betting at the online site, there is an increase in the bank balance. The support to the beginners is available for all the day. The understanding of the basics will offer the correct betting at the online site. The information will play a vital role in the betting.

Three Two Roulette System is a roulette system where the player will be able to bet on almost every pocket without losing anything. When compared to other systems of betting, this is more flexible because of the fact that the size of the bets remains the same throughout the course of the game.

How it works

There are two different ways in which you can play Three Two Roulette System. In the first type, the betting will be made in the ratio 3:2 on color or column. What you can do is that two units can be bet on the second column and three on red. Another option is two units on third column and three units on black. Anyone of the above said option has to be chosen to play this system. The option that you chose will depend on the amount you are going to wage.

Consider that you chose the first option. So, the amount placed on the column and the red should have a ratio of 3:2. Thus, you can place $15 on the column and $10 on red. This is just an example. Any amount which satisfies the ratio can be used.

The logic behind

The aim of this system is to bet on the maximum number of pockets so that you have a very high probability of winning. There are totally three columns and the first column has six pockets of different color each. The distribution of the second and the third column is uneven.

Eight black pockets and four red pockets are present in the second column. 26 pockets can be bet on of you make use of red and the whole second column. You will be able to cover about 70% of the wheel with this.

The third column has eight red spaces and four black spaces. Choosing the second option will also enable you to cover 26 pockets.

Both of the options are entirely different. But the probability of success is the same in both the cases. Always bear in that the system does not guarantee success. Instead, you will be able to cover a large part of the wheel.

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Does it really work?

You may be thinking of the benefits of betting on 70% of the pockets on the roulette wheel. Here are the benefits which you will derive with this system. In this system, an ordinary bet in the ratio 3:2 is placed in both the options.

The house edge of each bet is 5.26%. Even if the house edge of all the bets adds up, the total house edge remains 5.26%. This is because the all the conditions of each bet are the same. Thus, you will be able to face a lot of action on the table, but in fact you will not get any advantages statistically.

This system deals with bets which are on the outside. So, most of the players combine this system with other systems in roulette. The system alone does not get you much, but you will be able to achieve something substantial if you couple it with other roulette system. That is surely going to make some changes to a stale game. But it is not enough to turn the game in your favor at any stage of the game.

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