1. Independent Representation

Using a consultant enables a representative to be working solely on your behalf. We are independent and not part of any gambling software development company. We work for you. If you deal directly with some companies, are they looking out for the best interests of you or their company? As your consultant, we also do most all of the leg work and communicate back to you. This prevents you from having to do more research and educate yourself as to the ins and outs of the industry. Your time is freed up to spend on more important aspects of launching your online business.

While playing on the online k8loto, there is a need to keep the availability of live dealers in mind. They can communicate with the beginners when there is a requirement for misunderstanding of the game. It is a great benefit provided with playing games through help of live dealers.

  1. Pricing

The pricing for? gambling software? that we quote is normally the same as if you worked directly with the developers except that you will now have a full time, knowledgeable and experienced representative working for you as well. We accomplish this by working with these developers as a marketing arm or reseller of their gambling software. We, therefore, have our consultancy commission built into the pricing. Although we do, can and have worked with some of the largest? gambling software providers in the industry, we also work with smaller and independent developers. There are several or our developers that will charge just a one time setup fee without any ongoing fees or royalties. Some of the benefits, besides lower pricing, of working with smaller operators are listed below.

  1. Multiple and Versatile products

Smaller developers may be more inclined to provide custom programming or modifications to their software. Larger providers such as?Playtech?or?Microgaming?will certainly not modify their gambling software just for you unless you are willing to part with a huge sum of currency and even then probably not. We have worked with may clients that have requested custom work and or modifications. In most instances, we were able to accommodate them. Adding poker variants, making casino games mobile compatible, integrating a?Bitcoin?currency platform, adding adverting or social media modules, etc. were all done.

Working with a consultant that possesses many relationships with gambling software developers also allows for you to have access to a variety of software choices. We will know which developer is best suited to handle your needs and wants.

  1. Accessibility

In our experience most of our developers are easily accessible as are we. We conduct normal business hours Monday through Friday and, more that not, some weekends as well. Our developers are normally available to us on a daily basis via Skype and email. Some have come to know us so well that we can contact them at home and at 4:00AM?if needed. Good luck with that with larger providers. Usually you get a “contact support” or “put in a trouble ticket”. We are not saying that all companies are that way, however, we know how hard it can be to contact someone when you need to and not get a returned phone call or email. We have been there. We understand.

  1. Knowledge and Experience

Whether or not you are new to the online gambling industry or have been around for a few years, it is hard to compete with a company entrenched in it since 1995. We have seen just about everything and have been involved with the evolution of online gambling. We bring you knowledge and experience to assist you in creating a successful online endeavor. We can advise you on things to do, what you need, how much to spend and also what not to do, what you do not need and what not to spend money on.

We know most companies and people in this business and have traveled the world making contacts. We know reputations and issues both good and not so good. We seek to provide you with the best services and products. Once again, we do not represent just a single product. Our goal is to match you needs and wants with pricing, product and service.

  1. Integration

Many time smaller developers are willing to provide integration with?3rd?party gambling software as well as processing solutions such as the revolutionary?Bitcoin. Let us say that you want certain features for a poker room. We therefore set you up with a poker developer who just offers custom poker software. You later decide that offering casino games would also be a great idea. How do you now add those games to your poker room? You should use the player’s same poker cashier wallet to fund the casino software games. You will also probably want the casino games to be accessible from within the poker room. This is all doable and even more so with a small developer.

  1. Resources

You only know what you know and we know quite a lot. Besides assisting you with acquiring the perfect gambling software for your online business venture, we can also assist with many other solutions. Gambling licenses and jurisdictions, inexpensive labor, customer support, data centers, incorporation, banking, merchant accounts, advertising venues, affiliate and player structures/promotions.

We like to consider ourselves a “One Stop Shop” for your?gambling software. We should be able to help you with almost any aspect of setting up your online gaming operation. Whatever we do not have at our disposal, we will attempt to find and retrieve. Whatever we do not know, we will learn. You give us a plan, idea or concept and we will do our best to provide you with solutions.

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