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What could be more fun than playing table games from your electronic devices, while on the go or simply from your very own couch? European Roulette Gold joins the exceptional selection of tables games at Jack Gold, bringing mobile roulette to your phone or tablet effortlessly!

No matter which operating system you enjoy, iPhone Roulette, iPad Roulette or Roulette for Android, European Roulette Gold Series gives you all of the same action you would enjoy in your favourite casino at your fingertips!

All of your favourite odds are in play with this mobile Roulette game, including single number betting, adjoining numbers, columns and groups or even the old standby of betting on black or red, which pays even – online roulette real money, making it the safest bet around.

This exciting version of Android Roulette will allow you to wager on your lucky numbers simultaneously, with tremendous odds of 35 to one on inside bets, and odds as high as five to one on up to six numbers!

Wagering styles are completely up to the player, and with personalization methods in this exciting game everyone is a winner just for playing no deposit mobile roulette!

Enjoy European Roulette Gold the same way you enjoy this popular game on the floor of casino and enjoy the vivid graphics, the smooth spinning of the wheel and the drop of the ball that brings all of the anticipation of your wagering to the forefront of your iPad or iPhone Roulette table.

Gather with your friends, and enjoy the exceptional atmosphere of watching the Android Roulette wheel turn while you await it’s stop on your winning Roulette number!

At Casino, the mobile Roulette free bonus is a time honoured table promotion for a game that has been transferred to iPhone Roulette for the convenience of the technological age, bringing you all of the fun without tethering you to your laptop!

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