There’s nothing a tournament player loves more than action; loads of buy-ins, lots of chips, lots of play, all the elements of a huge tournament affair that action junkies love. With the inception of the increasingly popular “Action Hour” rebuy tournaments, there’s a lot of reason to gamble and a lot of reason to enjoy one the most innovative tournament structures that you’ll find on the net today. For this and several other popular MTT formats, grab this Party Poker bonus code and sign up today.

The typical Action Hour tournament starts with a single or double buy-in of t1,500 chips, meaning like normal rebuy structures, you can start with t3,000. The blinds, however, start off at t40/80/15, capping at t150/300/60 at the end of the rebuy period. Levels are ten minutes, so the amount of rebuy that you’ll see in one of these tournaments will far exceed your average rebuy tournament. The add-on is also sweetened up a bit; you get t2,500 for your add on. But there’s a unique twist to the structure of these tournaments; once the add-on period ends, the blinds actually reset back to the first level, meaning you go from a short stack to a massive stack as soon as the add-on period ends! So. what’s that mean for you and how you should approach the tournament?

You’re going to need a lot more buy-ins prepared for these type of tournaments than you would for a normal rebuy tournament; a lot more. A standard for these tournaments would be to have about 30 buy-ins ready for the tournament; and since these are usually $22 rebuys, this can be a $600 investment if things don’t go too well. But, also remember that once the rebuy period ends, you’ll be greeted with reduced blinds and the same pace of levels, so even only managing to double your chips in 10 buy-ins leaves you a playable stack after the rebuy period; just don’t play these tournaments with a $100 bankroll expecting to only have to use a maximum of 5 buy-ins; you’ll be one of the very few if you manage that.

As for how I would approach the tournament once the rebuy period has ended? Treat it like a deep stack tournament with quick blinds, and understand that, unlike your average rebuy tournament, the realization of how many buy-ins a player is in for will be weighing heavily on the players minds. Unlike a normal rebuy, which tightens up slightly post rebuy, the Action Hour post rebuy will be even tighter, even thought the amount of buy-ins players in situs judi bola are in for are considerably higher than average rebuys; it’s the sheer volume of money already risked and at risk that will slow players up. If you’ve built a stack up, this is the time you should be pouncing on players; even though stacks are deep now, thanks to the reverted blinds, they won’t last long, and assuming control of your table now in these tournaments will pay massive dividends in the future levels.

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