Stop Loss Poker Strategy

I can only imagine how many poker players struggle with knowing when to stop playing a poker session. It seems that players who are doing real well just want to play until their greed filled eyeballs fall out of their skulls, but this is a mistake. It doesn’t take much time before the poker gods decide to run you in the direction of bad beat central. And when that happens, your bankroll has a good chance to meet his maker since your first instinct is to continue playing so you can “get your money back”. Now, you wouldn’t have had this problem if you knew when to stop, right? Keep reading for some of my stop loss tips that’ll help you in the future.

Stop loss strategy is purely based on a very specific numeric dollar value. You’ll be setting a goal for yourself ahead of time (before the game starts). You will already know when to get off the table and take your losses once you’ve lost a specific amount.

For example:

If you head into a poker cash game with a buy-in of $600, you would set a limit on how much you’re willing to part ways with before hand. Let’s say $400 in this case. Two hours in I just lost $400 of my original $600 so now I’m going to get up and leave. While your thought at first is “man, I gotta get that money back”, you must avoid that mentality completely and focus on the limit you set for yourself before the game started.

Here’s another example for a winning session. Let’s say you buy-in with the $600 for a session and you double that up to $1,200. 5 hours later you find yourself sitting with only $800, that’s when you need to take the initiative to get up and leave while you’re up. You want to set a goal of losing a certain amount of money before the game starts, and apply it to whether you’re playing a losing session or a winning session.

The entire point of applying this strategy to your game focuses on taking complete advantage over a winning session, and knowing when to leave a losing session. Therefore, reducing your losses substantially. Be sure to set yourself a limit as to how much money you want to lose before you sit down. As always, good luck at the tables!

To conclude, if you want to have a winning streak in a game like poker, you need to have sufficient experience regarding the same and therefore, you must start out by playing situs poker online on a regular basis so that the practice can make you more confident in a real game.

The American Dream in the Novels The Awakening, The Outcasts of Poker Flat, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Neighbor Rosicky

Surviving Success

To become an American success a person has to have the perfect life of money, luxury, family and work in the pre-civil war era; after the civil war, people suddenly found that the people who had the best lives were the people who were the happiest. Not everyone looked upon happiness as being successful, but for most American’s happiness became more important than money or social standing like with Edna in The Awakening, the outcasts in “The Outcasts of Poker Flat,” Huck in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and even Rosicky in “Neighbor Rosicky,” though not all of them were successful in their attempts.

The American success story has become mixed up in so many different representations that one definite success story is no longer known. Before the United States turned on itself in the civil war the totality of success was in social standing and appearances took from the British way of life. Money, family, and work were all incorporated into your appearance and if you pulled it off just so the society would find you most accomplished. That was all you needed to be one of the top persons around, no matter if you hated everything about your life down to the squeaky shoes you wore. After the horrors of the North fighting, the South people began to re-evaluate exactly what mattered to them in their own lives. Suddenly the people who did what they really wanted and not what society expected of them were the ones who turned out happy and not hating life. Even though it took the elitists more time (some still refuse to believe that anything but money and how you are looked at matters) to accept this radical new theory, it started permeating throughout all American life.

How the new success started to be defined was by taking the accepted norm and putting a slight twist on it. Kate Chopin does this in The Awakening. This book shocked many people because the main character was a woman who decided to break the societal laws in search of her happiness. Edna still stayed within some acceptable bounds, however. She still had to wear what was expected and she never ran off with one of her lovers, but she did put aside many norms, like living with her family and taking an abundance of social calls. Edna never found her true happiness though, she committed suicide before she could fully explore her new self. Being one of ‘the first’ in this new phenomenon, Edna couldn’t completely break out of her societal restrictions, though she tried valiantly. Edna was a failed American Success story because she couldn’t completely leave behind society to find her happiness; she had kept looking for it through her own place, art, and ‘lovers’ of a type, but to no avail. Society crushed her before she could fully understand herself and live the life she truly wanted, the one that would have made her happy.

The characters from “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” written by Bret Harte went through a type of this, though they were killed straight out by nature and only indirectly by society. Unkle Billy escaped his direct fate by dooming the others and it is never let known to the reader if he becomes happy later on in his life, though it is doubted by his cynical and untrustworthy nature; he would probably never let himself be happy by always fearing the world around him. Oakhurst and the Duchess both had more life to look forward to and so far they had been living life on their terms, even if it wasn’t the optimal way to live. The Innocent and Piney had each other and had run away to fulfill their lives of happiness together. Mother Shipton was the only one in the confining cabin that didn’t have something specific to look forward to after the mountains, yet she had been living her life the way she chooses before the exile. Society had thrown out Oakhurst, Duchess and Mother Shipton for them being themselves; by living their successes they were condemned. The lovers left society because they knew their union wouldn’t be accepted. This is an example in the literature about how the society in real life didn’t accept people who were living out their lives on their terms and not according to any unspoken rules that were expected to follow. Though all of the outcasts were looked down upon and their lives were cut short by the storm that forced premature death they had been living the new American success by being themselves and not letting society dictate their every decision.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain show both how society still tries to shape individuals and how Huck lives his own success. Huck kept trying to reconcile between what he knew was right (societal rules) and what he felt was right. Eventually, he shunted society in favor of his own moral belief’s when he proclaimed he’d go to hell and free Tom. Huck sincerely thought that by going against the norm he’d be punished for all eternity, yet he decided to do what his conscious told him. He lived his own life, up to and beyond that point. He always did what he wanted, lived how he liked, and even though he had been ‘settled down’ in a family at the end of his adventures, it was still something that he could build his own life in. Ultimately he was happy with himself and his life, something hard for most people to achieve. Huck is a true American success story.

Rosicky in “Neighbor Rosicky” by Willa Cather was another who lived a completely successful life. He never stopped doing what he loved even though he was told by the doctor that it would shorten his years. Above that, he was always happy. Rosicky loved everything and everyone. Whenever something happened that would bring others down he looked at it as an opportunity to enjoy life in a slightly different manner. It didn’t matter that he was poor and living out in the dust, he was always optimistic and jovial. His success came from love and happiness with everything about and within him.

Life used to be measured with scales and parties; if you had enough class you were among the best on earth, but if you were poor nothing could save you. The Nation started realizing that there was much more to life than status after the most bloody war America had ever witnessed. Now people wanted to get out of their societal roles. Happiness seemed to be the only thing that made life worth living. Some succeeded and some failed, most fell in the middle where others couldn’t quite classify whether they had reached their goal or had fallen short. Living life on one’s own terms and loving every minute of it is an American success story. You can try all these amazing games on bandarq online and have fun with your friends. 

A Lack of Integrity: The Greatest Sports Scandals of All Time

In recent weeks, NBA referee Tim Donaghy has been accused of betting on, and possibly fixing, games he officiated in. While in the grand scheme of things, these crimes may not be as serious as the charged faced by Michael Vick, for instance, they are a much more serious concern in terms of the sport itself, and the legitimacy of the competition.

As many commentators have noted, the reason sports are different than other forms of entertainment is their unscripted nature, the idea that we are seeing elite athletes competing to the best of their abilities without anyone truly knowing what the outcome will be. Once we lose this, we lose what makes sports great.

Thus, any threat to the integrity of the game is of the utmost concern. While Donaghy may have been a lone actor in this scandal, it is enough to make fans question every debatable call for years to come – and rather than just wondering if the ref is blind, they’ll now want to know if he or she is on the take.

Of course, this isn’t the first threat to a sport’s integrity, and other leagues have found ways to regain the trust of their fans even after devastating scandals. Here are a few famous examples from history.

The Black Sox Scandal

The Black Sox Scandal is possibly the most famous scandal in American sports history. The Chicago White Sox were favored to win the 1919 World Series over the Cincinnati Reds, but even before the series started, rumors were flying that not everything was as it seemed. The Reds went on to win the best-of-nine series, five games to three – and while all involved players maintained that the games were played fairly, rumors persisted into the 1920 season.

In the end, it was determined that eight players were involved in a plot to throw the World Series – six key players, including Chicago’s top two pitchers and outfielder Shoeless Joe Jackson; Buck Weaver, who did not participate in the fix but knew about it; and utility infielder Fred McMullin, who overheard the plan and threatened to expose his teammates unless he was included.

Baseball owners reacted to the scandal by appointing the first ever commissioner of baseball – Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis. While the players were never convicted in a court of law, Landis – who needed to act to save the credibility of his sport – banned all eight White Sox players from baseball for life, along with two other players who had knowledge of the fix.

Pete Rose Gambling Scandal

Pete Rose is baseball’s all time hits leader, but today is known more for his lifetime ban from baseball (and the Baseball Hall of Fame). As manager of the Cincinnati Reds, Rose gambled on baseball games – including the very games he was managing in. While it seems that Rose only bet on the Reds to win, this has not helped his case; although he has tried twice to be reinstated, no commissioner has yet granted him this honor. While Rose has never appeared on a Hall of Fame ballot, he has received significant numbers of write-in votes for inclusion.

Italian Soccer Match Fixing Scandal

In 2006, Italy’s top soccer league, “Serie A,” were launched the video games series for 토토 and has been sold under a considering price for the football lovers and the best part is, it was rocked by a scandal involving many of the league’s top teams. League champion Juventus, along with other teams such as A.C. Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio were accused of fixing matches by arranging specific referees to officiate key matches.

In order to keep the credibility of Italian soccer, the Italian Football Federation levied harsh punishments again all clubs involved in the scandal. Juventus was hit hardest of all, as they were relegated down to Serie B, forcing them to spend a year working their way back up to the top league in the nation. They were also stripped of their 2005-2006 league title.

5 Tips To Boost Online Gaming Performance

Online gaming is rising in popularity by leaps and bounds with each passing year. There are a number of sites available for different online games, such as for online poker and other casino games. Are you too a fan of online gaming? Well, you must be looking forward to level up in your favorite games and that calls for a boosted gaming performance. But, how do you improve your online gaming expertise? Don’t worry, the post below shares some pro insights that will enable you to enhance your gaming performance online.  

Unstable internet connection 

Playing online games on an unstable internet connection is the main reason why most of us lag behind. A wired connection is almost guaranteed to be quicker and more stable than wireless connection and even mobile data.

Close all programs connected to the internet

Internet bandwidth is a finite resource. Hence if you run multiple applications, services, or programs which require internet access simultaneously, the performance will definitely deteriorate. Thus closing all the unwanted programs connected to the internet, will provide the game with the complete bandwidth you have.

Be mindful of Latency

Latency is measured by ping times and this corresponds to the time required to send the signal to the game server and the game server to send the reply back. Anything between 1 to 60 ms ping is considered suitable for gaming. Furthermore, the ping still needs to be consistent for optimal and smooth gaming results. Different speed tests programs are available which can be used to verify your ping.

Update both system and game

It is noteworthy to keep the system’s drivers and firm wares updated. Driver and firmware updates help to repair glitches, address serious issues and also improve efficiency. Similarly it is also important to keep the games patched and modified to get rid of system bugs and enjoy boosted performance.

Reduce game’s graphic settings

While playing online, it is best to tone down the graphic settings to ensure that the system runs as smoothly as possible.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Boss Strategy: Crying Wolf

The third of the four Beauty and the Beast boss fights is at the middle of Act 4 in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Here are some tips to surviving this snowy confrontation.

The Arena

The snowfield is easily the biggest arena for a boss fight in the entire game. As such, you have to spend most of the time locating Crying Wolf.

The snowfield has three relatively safe areas. The first one is underneath the truck located near you at start the battle. The last two are high platforms in the middle of the snowfield with stairway access.

Finally, make sure you are moving downwind in relations to the location of Crying Wolf. That way she won’t be able to detect you with the sense of smell.


Using the night vision mode of the Solid Eye is a must in this battle. The howling blizzard will make it hard to see otherwise. You can also see the footprints of Crying Wolf this way.

Thanks to the amount of space, a sniper rifle like the SVD is pretty much required for this battle. If you managed to get up close and personal with Crying Wolf, a rocket launcher like the RPG-7 will be able to knock her down.

Crying Wolf

The Heaven Troopers will be aiding her in throughout the battle. Even though they re-spawn infinitely, it takes awhile to do so. Therefore, it is a good idea to take as many of them down as possible so you can fight one on one with Crying Wolf. An easy way to do this is to crawl under the truck near you at the beginning of the battle and begin to snipe them without fear of being discovered.

Crying Wolf herself has plenty of tricks up her sleeves. Her melee attacks are particularly damaging. She will either pounce on or run over you if she finds your exact location. She may also drop a grenade occasionally as she pass by. So it’s best to head to higher ground when the camera shows her running towards you.

Her long range attacks can also be devastating. She can snipe you from afar using her rail gun. Keep in mind that her shots can pass through even the frozen trees in the area. This is also the point when she is most vulnerable. She will open up her armor, exposing her body while using her rail gun. Aim at her body to take in a few shots.

Once Crying Wolf sheds her armor completely, just keep your distance and keep firing. You will defeat her soon enough.


You can earn the Crying Wolf Doll if you managed to defeat her without having to kill her in the games of judi baccarat online terpercaya which has a different story line and stage play for every game on the website. The Mosin-Nagant is pretty much the only weapon you can use for this task. The doll is located near your starting position of the fight (to the southwest). Pick it up immediately after Crying Wolf sheds her armor completely.

You can also get the Crying Wolf FaceCamo if you defeat her non-lethally when she is without her metal armor.

With enough patience and good sniping skills, Crying Wolf will fall before you soon enough.

Buying Used Games as a Form of Protest

Following the recent rumors of the PS4, and the Xbox 720 possibly stopping the play of used games on their console not to mention EA’ money-grabbing passes, Bioware’s day one DLC, and Game Of The Year Editions most of the gaming industry has been trying destroy the used game market for years. Some players have shifted back to playing their favourite games on QQ owing to news such as this. 

The exception being independent video game retailers, and GameStop who’s ridiculously low end trade in value for games has been ripping off gamers for years, but that’s beside the point it. It offered an opportunity to get some kind of credit to gain the next new gaming experience that somebody on a budget might not be able to afford, like the old saying “Out with the old, and in with the new” . I will even take it a step farther I will say the used game has fueled the new game market.

So, when I heard the new gaming consoles might use the EA’s tired, and true method of charging people for a pass to unlock the ability to play the game, or even worst not able to play the game at all without hacking the hardware, and all the other fore-mentioned schemes to steal hard earned money from gamers I got extremely angry. I wanted to make a point to these game companies, the industry I’ve loved, and poured money into for decades. I wanted to punish them for violating the trust of the consumer for taking my money, for holding content from me, and for being well down right disrespectful to their customers.

I’ve decided for each gaming company I don’t support I will buy their game only used if at all, and the gaming passes only from eBay, or personal sales. The reasons for this if you buy a game used gaming companies don’t see a dime from it, also in my opinion it’s a form of reparations for the poor saps who brought the game on the first day if I can help a fellow gamer make some money back it gives me some sense of philanthropy. Matter of fact I encourage everybody to do this if you disagree with the company buy a used game, if you don’t like the price of a game buy a used game, and if you have to have the game on the release date trade in some old games to get it so other gamers to buy those games. Let your voices be heard by the dollar you spend, and voice your opinion about it! They are a company, and they will take notice.

The gaming companies would argue the used game market is killing the industry. No it is not! Stop with this non-sense. No company should complain about used sales. Ford is not complaining about people buying used trucks, JC Penny is not dying from thrift stores, and no industry is contributing flea markets to killing its business. Nobody should double dip into a used sale, if I sell my lawn mower to my neighbor I don’t give ten dollars to the company who made my lawn mower to mow my lawn. I shouldn’t have to give 10 dollars to THQ to play MY SAINTS ROW THE THIRD online! It’s ludicrous; it’s just a front to use to charge the gamer an extra buck. Bottom line somebody paid for that product when it was new, and sold it lower, because it’s not the same level of quality at the time of the purchase. They got their money on the first sale; they should not be entitled to a second sale profit ever! No company should It’s no longer their product, it’s your product. Don’t let any company, any game developer, and anyone tell you differently this trend has to stop.