Since the FBI seized and shutdown three of the biggest online poker sites in the United States, a lot of controversy has surfaced. Players, who have money owed to them by these sites, are worried whether their money will be returned. Worldwide online gambling sites have stopped allowing American citizens to gamble on their websites. The controversy to legalize online gambling has stirred up a debate. Whether the department of justice allows online gambling sites to operate in the United States, and, whether states will legalize it has yet to be seen. The players and the American Gambling Association want this issue resolved as early as possible.

People, who like to gamble, will gamble, whether the government sanctions it or not. In my opinion the governments both in Washington and in the states, will need to think this issue through before taking a decision. A number of states had already legalized online gambling, and stand to lose money if it becomes forbidden. Online poker allows players to play from their homes, as and when they want to. If online poker is banned, they will go back to playing poker with friends and family, after all poker has been played by a majority of Americans from a very long time. Online poker just made it more convenient.

The payment options are safe and secure at pkv games site. The playing of the games will not have any adverse effect on the personal and bank information of the gamblers. The long-term profits will provide many benefits to the gamblers. The safe and secure method will provide comfort and convenience.

The online poker rooms, who have invested millions in their sites will pay the fines, and move their operation somewhere else. There are billions of online poker players around the world. The biggest loser in this act is going to be the government. They will lose out on tax revenue that was being paid by these sites, and this was no paltry amount. Secondly, an economy that is already in dire straits, will take a turn for the worse as unemployment will increase. The government cannot ban family and friends from playing poker on the kitchen table, therefore why discourage online poker. Yes if the live poker rooms have evaded taxes or do not pay winnings to players, legal action should be taken against them. But an across the board ban on online poker will not stop gambling, or people from playing poker.

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