Being a big winner on Facebook Poker is not rocket science however playing poker for the first time can be a daunting task. Your first time playing Facebook Poker you are probably just trying to get used to your new environment, trying to follow the action and understand the rules at the same time. Something as simple as realising you have the best hand might be the biggest accomplishment of the day. However as fun as poker is, it is even more fun when you are actually winning! Here are my top 5 tips to becoming a big winner at the Facebook Poker tables:-The implementation of the correct tips is essential for the players at the เครดิตฟรีกดรับเอง 2021 ฟรี to get the desired results. The meeting of the needs and requirements of the gamblers is possible for the players. An increase in the real cash in possible for the players. 

Tip 1 – Hand Selection

This is the number one most important tip I can give a starting poker player and that is hand selection. This simple tip will make someone a winning poker player at the lowest levels in real money poker games! What do I mean by hand selection? Although you are dealt 2 cards it doesn’t mean you have to play them, you should practice good hand selection and only play your good cards.

Poker at its heart is about mathematics and probabilities. Some hands have a greater probability of winning than others therefore if you only play your best 20% of hands against someone who is playing 50% of hands it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you are mathematically going to win more hands against this player, of course we are assuming 6 players at the table, if of course you were playing heads up (1 vs 1) only playing 20% of hands would be too few and the blinds would soon eat you up.

So what is 20% of hands? For simplicity sake and disregarding concepts such as position we should play all pocket pairs, strong Aces, Kings, Queens and hands where we have two broadways or suited connectors i.e. 22 or better, A10 or better, K10 or better, Q10 or better, J10 or better, 67s (2 connected cards of the same suit) or better.

The main benefit of only playing 20% of hands is the concept of domination and having a better kicker. When you play good cards you are most likely going to hit top pairs with good kickers as opposed with top pair with a bad one. This is where a lot of your value comes from, from players who can’t fold their top pair when it’s a second best hand.

Tip 2 – More Value Betting and Less Bluffing

Value betting means betting when you have the best hands and therefore when you are likely to actually win the hand, hence getting value. Facebook Poker is for play money and so not surprisingly people just want to have fun! Folding isn’t fun, it’s boring and so players are prone to call, call, call all day long. Therefore it makes sense to not bluff as no one is folding and only to bet when you have the goods.

What do I mean by the goods? You don’t have to have the stone cold nuts (best hand) to bet all three streets you just have to have the hand which is going to be the best hand the majority of the time. The best hand the majority of the time is actually pretty weak on Facebook Poker due to the reason I mentioned previously. A hand such as top pair good kicker is the nuts and you should try to get as much of your chips in as possible. Of course hand strength is all relative it depends on the community cards. If the board reads 2 hearts 4 hearts 5 hearts 6 clubs 7 hearts i.e. possible flushes and straights are out then your top pair is no longer the nuts it now becomes a very weak hand and should be folded to any bets.

Tip 3 – Don’t Slow Play

This follows on from the previous tip. Slow playing is where you are trying to trap your opponent by just calling or only betting or raising by very small amounts. Due to everyone being call happy on Facebook Poker there is no reason to slow play. If they have a pair they aren’t folding, if they have a flush draw they aren’t folding so don’t bet small, bet big because they aren’t folding anyway. Why take 10 dollars when they are willing to give you 50 dollars.

Tip 4 – Don’t be a Call Station

Don’t be the table sheriff, you don’t have to try to catch someone bluffing every time. The key to winning at poker is winning more chips when you have the best hands and losing the least when you have the 2nd best. If someone has just gone all in for twice the pot size and all you have is a flush draw then fold, you don’t have the odds to profitably call. If someone has bet big three times and all you have is second pair then fold. Of course it’s easier said than done and in the heat of the moment your curiosity to what they have can get the best of you but this is why your personal discipline is very important.

Tip 5 – Bankroll Management

This tip is extremely important even though it has nothing to do with actually playing poker. If you are the best poker player in the world but don’t have bankroll management you can still be a losing player. Bankroll management is how you allocate the funds available to you to play poker. This means that you should never take all of your playing funds and sit down with it at a table. Ideally you should only ever sit down with 5% of your total bankroll at one table.

Example – Your bankroll is $20,000 therefore you can only sit down at a $5/$10 table with $1000 at the most or ideally at a smaller stakes table.

The reason why this is so important is that poker is still a game of luck and you can be unlucky. Sure you might be a 90% favourite but that still means you are going to lose 1 out of 10 times. Therefore you need to protect your bankroll from being unlucky. If you follow correct bankroll management you can suffer some bad luck and still come back fighting however if you sit down with all of your money then you will be completely wiped out by one instance of bad luck.

Bonus Tip – Keep those Emotions in check

Here’s a bonus tip for all of you, I deliberated whether or not to include this as after all what emotions can be involved in play money poker I thought. But after some thought emotions are very much a factor although not as strong as in a real money game. The reason for this is that in a real money game with money on the line tempers can flare however play money games doesn’t have the real money element. Play money games do however still involve the emotions element including ego, curiosity, patience and discipline.

All of these must be controlled because if they are not they will often lead to mistakes on the poker table. These mistakes will translate to losing chips. Ego is a dangerous customer, you don’t have to be the big bully at the table and you are allowed to be bluffed there is no shame in that; if you never fold the best hand then you are a bad player.

Curiosity killed the cat and it applies in poker. Yes, you might feel that need to click call as you just have to know what cards he has but you really don’t. Patience and discipline is closely related to this, you have to have the strength of mind to bide your time, yes it might be boring but it will win you the chips in the end.

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