Metal Gear Solid 4 Boss Strategy: Crying Wolf

The third of the four Beauty and the Beast boss fights is at the middle of Act 4 in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Here are some tips to surviving this snowy confrontation.

The Arena

The snowfield is easily the biggest arena for a boss fight in the entire game. As such, you have to spend most of the time locating Crying Wolf.

The snowfield has three relatively safe areas. The first one is underneath the truck located near you at start the battle. The last two are high platforms in the middle of the snowfield with stairway access.

Finally, make sure you are moving downwind in relations to the location of Crying Wolf. That way she won’t be able to detect you with the sense of smell.


Using the night vision mode of the Solid Eye is a must in this battle. The howling blizzard will make it hard to see otherwise. You can also see the footprints of Crying Wolf this way.

Thanks to the amount of space, a sniper rifle like the SVD is pretty much required for this battle. If you managed to get up close and personal with Crying Wolf, a rocket launcher like the RPG-7 will be able to knock her down.

Crying Wolf

The Heaven Troopers will be aiding her in throughout the battle. Even though they re-spawn infinitely, it takes awhile to do so. Therefore, it is a good idea to take as many of them down as possible so you can fight one on one with Crying Wolf. An easy way to do this is to crawl under the truck near you at the beginning of the battle and begin to snipe them without fear of being discovered.

Crying Wolf herself has plenty of tricks up her sleeves. Her melee attacks are particularly damaging. She will either pounce on or run over you if she finds your exact location. She may also drop a grenade occasionally as she pass by. So it’s best to head to higher ground when the camera shows her running towards you.

Her long range attacks can also be devastating. She can snipe you from afar using her rail gun. Keep in mind that her shots can pass through even the frozen trees in the area. This is also the point when she is most vulnerable. She will open up her armor, exposing her body while using her rail gun. Aim at her body to take in a few shots.

Once Crying Wolf sheds her armor completely, just keep your distance and keep firing. You will defeat her soon enough.


You can earn the Crying Wolf Doll if you managed to defeat her without having to kill her in the games of judi baccarat online terpercaya which has a different story line and stage play for every game on the website. The Mosin-Nagant is pretty much the only weapon you can use for this task. The doll is located near your starting position of the fight (to the southwest). Pick it up immediately after Crying Wolf sheds her armor completely.

You can also get the Crying Wolf FaceCamo if you defeat her non-lethally when she is without her metal armor.

With enough patience and good sniping skills, Crying Wolf will fall before you soon enough.

Buying Used Games as a Form of Protest

Following the recent rumors of the PS4, and the Xbox 720 possibly stopping the play of used games on their console not to mention EA’ money-grabbing passes, Bioware’s day one DLC, and Game Of The Year Editions most of the gaming industry has been trying destroy the used game market for years. Some players have shifted back to playing their favourite games on QQ owing to news such as this. 

The exception being independent video game retailers, and GameStop who’s ridiculously low end trade in value for games has been ripping off gamers for years, but that’s beside the point it. It offered an opportunity to get some kind of credit to gain the next new gaming experience that somebody on a budget might not be able to afford, like the old saying “Out with the old, and in with the new” . I will even take it a step farther I will say the used game has fueled the new game market.

So, when I heard the new gaming consoles might use the EA’s tired, and true method of charging people for a pass to unlock the ability to play the game, or even worst not able to play the game at all without hacking the hardware, and all the other fore-mentioned schemes to steal hard earned money from gamers I got extremely angry. I wanted to make a point to these game companies, the industry I’ve loved, and poured money into for decades. I wanted to punish them for violating the trust of the consumer for taking my money, for holding content from me, and for being well down right disrespectful to their customers.

I’ve decided for each gaming company I don’t support I will buy their game only used if at all, and the gaming passes only from eBay, or personal sales. The reasons for this if you buy a game used gaming companies don’t see a dime from it, also in my opinion it’s a form of reparations for the poor saps who brought the game on the first day if I can help a fellow gamer make some money back it gives me some sense of philanthropy. Matter of fact I encourage everybody to do this if you disagree with the company buy a used game, if you don’t like the price of a game buy a used game, and if you have to have the game on the release date trade in some old games to get it so other gamers to buy those games. Let your voices be heard by the dollar you spend, and voice your opinion about it! They are a company, and they will take notice.

The gaming companies would argue the used game market is killing the industry. No it is not! Stop with this non-sense. No company should complain about used sales. Ford is not complaining about people buying used trucks, JC Penny is not dying from thrift stores, and no industry is contributing flea markets to killing its business. Nobody should double dip into a used sale, if I sell my lawn mower to my neighbor I don’t give ten dollars to the company who made my lawn mower to mow my lawn. I shouldn’t have to give 10 dollars to THQ to play MY SAINTS ROW THE THIRD online! It’s ludicrous; it’s just a front to use to charge the gamer an extra buck. Bottom line somebody paid for that product when it was new, and sold it lower, because it’s not the same level of quality at the time of the purchase. They got their money on the first sale; they should not be entitled to a second sale profit ever! No company should It’s no longer their product, it’s your product. Don’t let any company, any game developer, and anyone tell you differently this trend has to stop.